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Monday, 25th September 2009

Energise (is a BBA Member) warns BBA ‘half hourly’ members to be ready for CRC

From the 1st April 2010 the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), the first mandatory emissions trading scheme to be administered by the UK government, will come into force with the mission of incentivising energy efficiency in businesses. The CRC is aimed at large, non-energy intensive businesses and will act as a driver for efficiency by allowing businesses to obtain a bonus payment if they outperform their competitors in the scheme.

It is anticipated that the scheme will affect 20,000 businesses, with 5,000 required to trade carbon allowances. To qualify as a full participant you must have used 6,000 MWh or more in 2008 through half hourly (HH) electricity meters. All organisations with a HH meter (regardless of energy use) will be required to make an information disclosure to the regulator (Environment Agency in England and Wales). Failure to do so by 30th September 2010 will incur a fine of £1,000. If you are a full participant and you fail to register by the deadline the fine is £5,000 plus £500 per working day until you register. If you used over 3,000 MWh of HH electricity in 2008 you will be required to disclose your actual consumption.

Simon Alsbury, Technical Director at Energise said, “If you are not aware of the Carbon Reduction Commitment and your legal obligations under it, make sure you act now. The fines associated with non-compliance are significant for any business”. Energise has produced an authoritative guide to the scheme which is available to download for free from their website at


Notes to the Editor:

1. Simon Alsbury is available for further information or interview by telephoning 01480 479355 or emailing

2. Photographs are available on request.

3. Energise (formally Alsbury Environmental Consulting) is an independent energy efficiency consultancy operating since April 2007 across the public and private sectors. We have particular experience in the entertainment, leisure and hospitality industries having worked on a number of projects with the NUS, NOCTIS, Coca-Cola Great Britain, and Bletchley Park Trust. We provide a series of energy management services, with recent clients including Regent Inns plc and Timothy

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